Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Marshmallow Me

Salon.com has a weekly funny food contest. This week they're asking, "What do you drink during the holidays to relax when you're done with the work?"

My answer is hot chocolate. I know. Not very exotic. I do use the really good hot chocolate if that's any help.

I don't drink any alcoholic beverages. They all remind me of the hospital. Not because of some horrible drinking and driving accident thing. Its the smell. Ick. Who wants a drink that smells like something you'd pour on an open wound? So, smell and the way people behave when drunk keep me away from the stuff.

Here's the thing though. I'm a foodie. I thought it was something I was missing out on so I tried to learn to drink wine. I found myself doing that little kid "horrible taste" whole body shake trying to get it down. I've tried enough. I can confidently say there has never been a glass of wine as good as strawberry Kool-Aid.


  1. That pic would make a really swell Xmas card!

  2. I agree with you on wine. Except for me it's Black Cherry Kool-Aid, mmmmmmm.

  3. I agree whole heartedly on alcohol. I particularly hate it when people say "Here, taste this. You can't taste the alcohol in it." Yeah, I really can.

  4. "You can't taste the alcohol in it" is one of the stupidest phrases anyone has ever used. Great, FINALLY I can just enjoy all of alcohol's wonderful effects without suffering through the taste!

  5. Alcohol is like coffee. It's an acquired taste. Jumping in too quickly without a guide is one of the most common mistakes of people trying to learn how to drink it and appreciate it. Take a class. The problem with alcohol is that most people start with something WAY too strong and their senses are overwhelmed. You have to ease in to fully appreciate it. I started with grocery store malt beverages like Smirnoff Watermelon, Mike's hard lemonade and stuff like that. Now I can not only drink strong beer without a problem, but I really love the TASTE. It's taken me several years, but I can't imagine life without fine beers. I imagine wine is the same. I just haven't put much effort into that one. I like the light stuff like White Zinfandel.