Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Viewer Pancakes

Here are a couple more Viewer Pancakes:

The lovely smiling face there is a self portrait submitted by Stephane Sofia. Clearly she's a babe.

The one on the blue table cloth is a very ornate chariot submitted by Bunny Nuhfer. She didn't have time to create a beast of burden to pull it so she hooked it to a frozen porkchop.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Corn on the Cob

It's Pancake Day!

In honor of this I'm trying a new level of pancake art. Not only is this pancake 3-d it is "Flavor Dimensional." The "corn cob" is a rolled up corn pancake. It's not the best looking pancake I've made but it tasted great. I'm going to make more flavor dimensional pancakes.

It's been awhile since I posted a pancake. I had a pan disaster. I'm a juggler and I was flipping a pancake with perhaps a little too much gusto. The pan part flew off the handle, bounced off the stove, and crashed to the floor. It landed on a rubber mat. It melted the mat and was stuck before I could get it up. Turns out once the handle is gone a hot pan is hard to pick up. Who knew? Okay, everyone but me.

I took this opportunity to switch to a giant fancy electric pancake skillet. It stinks on ice. Everything sticks to it no matter how much I spray it. I did do a few Valentine's Day pancakes for the family but they were pretty standard red batter hearts with words in them. I was also not paying a lot of attention. I had an orientation error. When I flipped mine, rather than "Dad," I had written "Dab." I stuffed it into my mouth before anyone caught the error.

In honor of Pancake Day I went out and purchased a new stovetop pancake griddle. This "Corn on the Cob" is the first pancake made on it.

Later this week I'll be posting a couple more "viewer pancakes."