Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Corn on the Cob

It's Pancake Day!

In honor of this I'm trying a new level of pancake art. Not only is this pancake 3-d it is "Flavor Dimensional." The "corn cob" is a rolled up corn pancake. It's not the best looking pancake I've made but it tasted great. I'm going to make more flavor dimensional pancakes.

It's been awhile since I posted a pancake. I had a pan disaster. I'm a juggler and I was flipping a pancake with perhaps a little too much gusto. The pan part flew off the handle, bounced off the stove, and crashed to the floor. It landed on a rubber mat. It melted the mat and was stuck before I could get it up. Turns out once the handle is gone a hot pan is hard to pick up. Who knew? Okay, everyone but me.

I took this opportunity to switch to a giant fancy electric pancake skillet. It stinks on ice. Everything sticks to it no matter how much I spray it. I did do a few Valentine's Day pancakes for the family but they were pretty standard red batter hearts with words in them. I was also not paying a lot of attention. I had an orientation error. When I flipped mine, rather than "Dad," I had written "Dab." I stuffed it into my mouth before anyone caught the error.

In honor of Pancake Day I went out and purchased a new stovetop pancake griddle. This "Corn on the Cob" is the first pancake made on it.

Later this week I'll be posting a couple more "viewer pancakes."


  1. I dare you to make a buckwheat pancake that looks like Buckwheat.

    And if only more of us could just eat our mistakes. Awesome!

  2. The problem is buckwheat pancakes tend to taste like dog biscuits. If people could see it was a buckwheat pancake before they took a bite they wouldn't. You need to trick people. You need to make buckwheat pancakes that look like pudding cups.

  3. Hooray! The Pancake Project is back and with a very cool, though a bit corny, concoction. Glad you have a new pancake making device and hope you can cook up some good'ens.

  4. This is amazine. I am so hungry now.

  5. I dared my brother to eat a dog biscuit once. And he did. Maybe if I made buckwheat pancakes in the shape of pudding cups he'd try one and say "Now where have I tasted this before..."